The Lumerin Explorer Program

Test & Earn Phase

You can buy, sell, and own Bitcoin hashpower on-chain through the Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace. It’s now easier than ever to trade hashpower globally in a secure, decentralized way.

Sign up for the Lumerin Explorer Program

As a member of the Lumerin Explorer Program, you’ll be part of a small community trusted with testing the marketplace and providing feedback. In return, members of the program receive exclusive perks and benefits.

This is your chance to become part of an elite community of Lumerin early adopters.

Gain Early Access

You’ll be granted early access to buy and sell hashrate for 24 hours with our hashpower partners ahead of anyone else.

Earn Rewards

First 50 executed contracts receive LMR token rewards.

Test Lumerin, Get Hashpower

The public testing phase will enable users registered in the program to navigate and use the marketplace on the Ropsten testnet. During this phase, members of the Lumerin Explorer Program can purchase real hashpower via their test LMR.

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