Hashpower Marketplace

Buy, sell, and own hashpower on chain through your Web3 wallet

Marketplace Walkthrough

Explore the Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace with the Testnet Demo and explainer video.

Frictionless trading, everybody wins

Whether you buy or sell, commoditized hashpower has several benefits to offer you

For Buyers

Access hardwareless mining in a proveable, verifiable, and decentralized way

Obtain complete control and point your hashrate anywhere

For Sellers

Hedge against price volatility and mining difficulty

Create hashrate contracts based on your preferences and terms

For Everyone

Trade hashrate worldwide in a secure, decentralized manner

Straightforward process right from your Web3 wallet



Lumerin Nodes validate hashrate and funds deliverability to ensure both parties receive the exchanged assets


Smart contracts hold all the details of the agreement, as well as holding and delivering the assets to the parties


Trade hashpower through your crypto web3 wallet interface with no registration or data input required


Access hashrate from anywhere in the world with an internet connection


Forget about delays, delivery times, and hosting issues – everything is taken care of


Exchanges are completely peer-to-peer and hosted on-chain – no intermediares or third parties involved

How Does It Work?