Lumerin Token (LMR)

A transactional utility token for the Lumerin ecosystem

Fueling a new era of data stream routing

LMR is the native cryptocurrency of the Lumerin Protocol. It powers the network’s smart contracts and dApps and rewards miners for maintaining security and performance.

Lumerin Token Distribution

LMR is set to be distributed to reward active members of the community and token holders, ensuring the ecosystem’s healthy growth and encouraging open-source development.

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Incentivizing Adoption

Private & Public Sales

27.4% of LMR tokens were sold across private and public sales rounds

Community & Development

22.6% of LMR tokens are dedicated to community and development incentives

Mineable Tokens

25% of LMR tokens are mineable and released over the course of ten years to the community

Core Team

25% of LMR tokens are allocated to the Core Team under strict lockups and vesting conditions

Lumerin Token Release Chart

Chart showing release of lumerin tokens