The Best Way to Mine Bitcoin Digitally

Decentralized and digital Bitcoin mining from home without having to invest in expensive hardware
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The Lumerin Hashpower Marketplace is now live on Arbitrum

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Hashpower Marketplace dApp

Available now on Arbitrum One

Flexible, accessible, and digital Bitcoin mining from the comfort of your home. Acquire Bitcoin mining hashpower securely on-chain, point it to your mining pool account, and start mining in seconds.
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Lumerin Wallet

Trade your ERC-20 tokens for real Bitcoin mining hashrate and receive your mining rewards directly in your mining pool wallet—as if you were running an ASIC at home!
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Future Applications for the Lumerin Network

Decentralized Video & Audio Streams

Peer-to-peer anonymous encrypted access to video and audio streams.

Transactional Communications

Use smart contracts to control when and how someone is allowed to contact you.

Digital Resource NFTs

Utility NFTs allow ownership and access rules for digital resources and data streams.

Strategic Partners

Fenbushi Capital
Coinbase Ventures
Borderless Capital
Tribe Capital
Fundamental Labs
Outlier Ventures

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