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Introducing Lumerin

Why build a Web3 routing protocol?

Current web and general communication routing is still dependent on centralized servers for routing information and connection proxying. The Lumerin protocol decentralizes the routing layer and makes Web3 and peer-to-peer communications truly peer-to-peer and fully programmable using smart contracts.

Public Token Sale: $15,740,000

# of Lumerin Tokens Sold: 43M Tokens

Complete, programmatic control over how and when data and communications are routed via smart contracts.

Hashpower Marketplace dApp

Miners can sell their hashpower via a smart contract, and the Lumerin node will manage all routing and order fulfillment automatically.

Additional Uses for the Lumerin Network

Hashpower Marketplace DApp

Anonymous, decentralized access to buying, selling, and routing hashpower.

Transactional Communications

Use smart contracts to control when and how someone is allowed to contact you.

Decentralized Video & Audio Streams

Peer-to-peer anonymous encrypted access to video and audio streams.

Digital Resource NFTs

Utility NFTs allowing ownership and access rules for digital resources and data steams.

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